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Our multi-disciplinary team with many years of experience in the financial sector, helps organizations to find new sources of value and enable businesses to create the products, services, customer experiences and business models of the future


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whestec Management Team

The founders of the joint venture cover all the relevant competencies and specialist areas.

Many years of professional experience with major clients and projects in the financial sector guarantee a professional and efficient implementation of your solutions.

Our Partner Companies

Our network of well established consultancy and IT firms allows us to give you a headstart in experience and development speed.

Integration Works GmbH
  • Software Development
  • Integration Solutions
  • Training & Workshops
  • Operations & Analysis
  • Berlin & Düsseldorf, Germany
Olimax BBVA
  • Management Consulting
  • Financial Solutions Development
  • Market Data Solutions
  • Process Optimization
  • Maaseik, Belgium
stratec consultants GmbH
  • Management Consulting
  • Financial Engineering
  • Front Office IT
  • Product Development
  • Essen, Germany

Experts in web solutions for finance

With our extensive financial and technological know-how we create web applications and solutions for the financial sector.

Advisory and Educational Solutions

Financial advisors are looking for a regulatory compliant, efficient and easy-to-use solution to support their product sales. At whestec we create web applications that guide advisors and investors through the various steps of the investment process, explaining risks, benefits, and product specifics in an application that is easy to use, but doesn't miss out on the important regulatory details.

With our combined experience in finance and web development we can support your organization in creating the web experience, that helps investors and advisors to understand investment opportunities and risks. For more complex products we can even embed Monte Carlo based simulations and optimization services.

Portfolio Solutions

In an increasingly complex environment of financial products, regulations, and taxation it is even more important to have a comprehensive and clear view and understanding of your investment portfolio. At whestec we create web-based solutions to present investment portfolios, making it easier for investors and financial advisors to understand historical P&L and allow them to deduce the right actions to optimize future performance.

We produce modular concepts that exactly suit your requirements and visualization needs, whith a foucus on responsives and optimizations for multiple devices. A tight integration of market data and portfolio information allows the analysis of future portfolio positions.

ESG Solutions

Sustainable investing is no longer a niche area. Assets dedicated in sustainable investing strategies around the world have grown rapidly. Driven by societal and demographic changes, increased regulation and government focus, we are seeing a surge in clients’ interest in incorporating sustainability into their investment portfolio.

whestec provides a turnkey solution, that enables you to build, manage and analyze your individual ESG-strategy by converting the raw data into concentrated intelligence that is clear, concise, and above all else, actionable.

Custom Solutions

At whestec we strive to create a modular architecture that allows clients to create customizable and individual solutions without having to go through the whole development process. With this head-start we can create custom add-ons or modules to satisfy the very specific needs of our clients and create solutions and are unique.

By using a standard and world class technical infrastructure, our technological basis is solid and doesn't suffer from the lack of stability that often comes with technologies that evolve on a daily basis.

Concentrated Intelligence
for actionable environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights

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Welcome to the CadDo Platform

Sustainability in the investment context means understanding and incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and decision-making. As a turnkey solution, CadDo enables asset- and portfolio managers to build, manage and analyze their individual ESG strategy by converting the raw data into concentrated intelligence that is clear, concise, and actionable.

How CadDo Benefits Businesses

The starting point for any solution, is the ability to meaningful and relevant ESG Scores. Absence of uniform ESG-criteria, varying reporting standards, growing formal regulations and heterogeneous ESG data quality make it difficult to integrate ESG in investment strategies.

CadDo’s platform normalizes and dissects raw ESG data into a concentrated, actionable form so that it can be clearly understood. The platform delivers concentrated intelligence that allows for valuable insights and evaluates the ESG accuracy of any given investing strategy and portfolio in accordance with the objectives, priorities and preferences of you and your investors.

What can users expect from this state-of-the-art system?

  • an out-of-the-box, investment-grade ESG-index score.
  • aggregated information and analysis across all asset classes
  • ESG-Metrics dashboards that are clear and concise
  • a fully automated data extraction, transformation and load process that provides fully manageable, high-quality, and normalized data
  • users are able to build their own individual models, scenarios, and simulations

An Out-Of-The-Box, Investment-Grade ESG-Index Score

With the CadDo platform, you receive an investment-grade ESG score right out of the box. This score can seamlessly be compared with given index or measure to create an accurate, comprehensive and holistic portfolio view.

This means it will provide transparent and individual ESG and financial information for all your individual models and scenarios on all levels. You are able to report an ESG score – at any time IN real time – whether we talk about individual security, total holdings, or institutional fund value-level.

Complete, Comprehensive Metrics and Analysis Across ALL Asset Classes

Direct ESG scores are only available for base securities (equities, bonds). Investment portfolios, however, are far more complicated. They often consist of more than simply base asset classes. Portfolios can, for example, contain of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), investment funds or even funds of funds, not just out of base securities.

The CadDo platform effectively goes through each layer of a security – to the base security and roll backup to a portfolio ESG score. The end result is an ESG score that comprises the entire institutional fund value, funds under-management, individual fund-values – and in case of portfolio managers – even the ESG score of the portfolios of each individual investor.

Clear and concise ESG-Metrics Dashboards

The CadDo platform provides modern and user-friendly dashboards with interactive drill-down and drill-through functionality. It also produces reports and metrics that are easily read and understood, that can be quickly adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

A Fully Automated ETL-Process Ensures High-Quality, Normalized Data

CadDo easily connects to all external and internal data providers and information. It performs all complex integrations and calculations in the Cloud. CadDo has the power to transform and align data structures and content – it turns each task into a fully manageable, automated and auditable workflow.

Business Users can Build Their Own Individual Models, Scenarios, and Simulations

As a cloud service for complex financial and ESG calculations, CadDo provides a central repository for the calculations which mask complex IT-specific tasks from the business user and deliver an ideal basis to build and manage even complex models, scenarios, and simulations within a matter of days – instead of month. Best of all? You don’t need your IT-department to do this.

State-of-the-Art cloud infrastructure and open system architecture

CadDo is a fully ISO/SOC compliant system that runs on Microsoft Azure and is offered on a SaaS basis as an end-to-end solution. It also provides a REST API for enterprise clients as well, which enables platform data integration into external systems.